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European Charter for Media Literacy

Leiter/in   Prof. Dr. Ben Bachmair
Titel   Europäische Medienkompetenz-Förderung auf der Basis der European Charter for Media Literacy
Laufzeit       12.2005 - 11.2007
Programme Outlines

The Charter for Media Literacy exists to support the establishment of media literacy across Europe. By signing the Charter, organisations and individuals endorse a specific definition of media literacy, and commit to actions that will contribute to its development. The Charter thus facilitates consensus and networking amongst those working for media literacy in different countries across Europe. This website holds a database of Charter signatories, which can be searched by country, media sector and education sector. The Charter is also available in other languages. After registering with the site you can sign the Charter online, participate in discussions, and explore the site resources which comprise links, archive and research listings




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